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Everyone who is a part of CODE has been where you are. We had to scour scientific research, spirituality, and direct experience itself, to derive a SYSTEM for getting us where we wanted to be.
It took arduous amounts of trial and error before the tried and true methods became clear.     

Let us save you that hardship and get you on the path to becoming the next level version of YOU.

If a problem is not taken care of from the root, if you are not fundamentally unlikely to find yourself in the same circumstances, has anything really been solved?

An Unconventional Aesthetic Accompanying Proportionally Unconventional Results

Michael K. Bledsoe

CEO CODE/Creator

Michael is the CODECreator and CEO.  He is a Johns Hopkins trained Cognitive Scientist, with specializations in Psychology and Neuroscience. He has an extensive background in business as well.  He helped manage the Johns Hopkins Sleeping Brain Lab for 3 years. 

After seeing the general challenges, biases, and overly specific nature of most work aimed at addressing challenges of the Mind, he knew he had to do something. He asked "Are these mediocre outcomes really the best we can do? What might better look like?"

Subsequently, CODE and CODEBreak were born. They exist to make known the typical unknowns of overcoming any sort of Personal/Psychological Challenge.

Rebecca Bledsoe

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Rebecca is a mother of 3 with two decades worth of experience in everything from Leadership and Motivation coaching to Mindset and Life Guidance work. When she was not busy helping clients feel less depressed, anxious, helpless, and aimless, all specializations of hers, she was working with her 3 kids to get them into 5 top 10 Universities (3 undergraduate and 2 advanced degrees). After seeing the impactfulness of CODE, the mind-child of her oldest son, Michael, she knew she had to be on board.

Rebecca meets her clients with a near endless supply of energy and an unconditional commitment to their desired outcomes.

Michael Arbitman (2).JPG

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Shortly after turning 30, Michael Arbitman became blind due to complications from an eye infection he contracted while traveling overseas for work. When this happened, Michael had to overcome many obstacles. His overcoming of these obstacles gave him the ability to see opportunity in a whole different light; there were many things to learn while transitioning from the corporate world to a new entrepreneur.

After more than a decade of building and scaling tech businesses, amongst a great deal of philanthropy, Michael has truly shown how much there is to see when you look at things a little differently. 

After discussing CODE, its capabilities, and its future possibilities with Michael, both knew they were a perfect fit.

Michael Arbitman

Jill Buckingham

Empathic CODEBreaker

Jill has spent well over $100,000 in self-development and been pursuing self-mastery for 14 years. after suffering multiple traumatic events and having to work extensively to overcome the trauma thereof, she is a master of many forms of trauma work. 

Jill integrates such mastery with an extensive understanding of the human mind to perfectly compliment her skill in healing the body. No problem is purely mental, as such She is a rare example of someone with extensive expertise regarding the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Jill ensures that the work that she does is fundamentally grounded, capable of working from the body up through to the spirit, resulting in a profoundly impactful process.

Equipped with a highly comprehensive toolkit for helping the vast majority of psychological challenges, it’s hard to find a challenge Jill isn’t highly equipped to handle.


*Note: Below you will find the CODEBreakers that are currently accepting new clients. Those above also work with clients and are frequently available

The Rest of the Team

WE have numerous other wonderful members of our team from our other CODEBreakers to our software engineers and partners that make possible our endeavor toward radically superior methods of affecting change with those working with us!

We will be updating this section to reflect highlight them, but until then we wanted to ensure that this served as an expression of our gratitude to them for making this possible!


Stefano Provenzi 


When looking for extraordinary talent, CODEBreak knows no borders. Stefano is a true expert in Jungian Depth Psychology with a great breadth and depth of expertise. As such, he effectively deals with people’s life challenges at the necessary breadth, depth, and complexity, all while keeping it seemingly simple for the clients.  

Beyond his education in psychology, he has thrown himself into encountering the psychological understandings that go beyond the conventional classroom, pursing additional education in fields such as Integral Transpersonal Psychology and Integral Yoga Psychology. His continued education further fuels his ability to look at the whole picture, to help clients ensure they are as unlikely as possible to return to their undesirable circumstances.

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